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Trongsa Dzong

Trongsa Dzong translates to the Dzong on the tip of the Dungkhar. It is well-placed, and you can see the fort before you even step inside.

This Dzong is a large building with numerous levels that slides down the hill it is perched on. Trongsa Dzong is the most stunning Dzong in Bhutan due to its size, structure, and location. You can see the traditional artwork all over the fortress, which is known as Trongsa Dzong and is a significant cultural and governmental building. Its architecture commands the entire Trongsa horizon, unlike other districts in the Kingdom.

Trongsa Dzong, which has been standing for 376 years, continues to enchant and thrill visitors with its mesmerizing majesty, huge courtyard, unrivaled ambiance, and outstanding architecture.

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