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Over the past 30 years, we have taken several trips, but we have never been as pleased with the high caliber of service and attentiveness as we were with Samlha Tours and Travels. They took amazing care of us. Every effort seemed to have been made to ensure we had the finest time possible during our entire trip, and trust me, we did!


The greatest tour operator we have ever worked with is Samlha Tours and Travel. They provided exceptional service and made things simple for us. The employees definitely showed a personal touch by answering all of our requests in a knowledgeable and joyful manner.


Samlha Tour and Travels provided me with an amazing experience. In every way, those eight days were wonderful. The itinerary was ideal and meticulously planned so that we could learn about the history, culture, traditions, and natural splendor of this extraordinarily special nation. The accommodations they selected were excellent, and the staff was really helpful, courteous, and caring. And I was pleasantly delighted by this nation’s outstanding cuisine. Thank you for welcoming us with such love and zeal.

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I went to Bhutan to learn more about the spirituality of the people there and to observe how they apply it into their daily lives. I’m really happy I traveled with Samlha Tour to visit Bhutan since it is just stunning. The accommodations and meal options were perfect for me. I went to Bhutan by myself, and I never once felt disoriented or lost. I had the opportunity to really experience Bhutan.