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Embark on an adventure that will reveal Bhutan’s true aesthetic with dedicated local tour guides, a selection of beautiful accommodations, and many more exciting things we have in store for you.


Samlha Tours and Travels offers bespoke tours and travel experiences to Bhutan, the land of thunder dragons. We thrive on providing our guests with a once-in-a-lifetime experience in the serene lushness of Bhutan, as well as a holiday filled with luxury and comfort, revealing the natural beauty of the small kingdom.

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Bhutan is a magical place that many people dream of visiting. At Samlha Tours and Travel, we want to make your dreams a reality.

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We are the top Bhutan travel agency, agent, and a tour operator authorized by the Ministry of Economic Affairs in Thimphu, Bhutan’s Department of Tourism. In the tourism sector, Samlha Tours and Travels has a very strong track record of excellence. We put in a lot of effort, are diligent, respect our visitors’ sensibilities, and always guarantee complete trustworthiness. Samlha Tours international abides by all the principles of ethical tourism to the letter. We make sure that the local population will gain enough economically from your vacation to our stunning nation. We plan our excursions in a way that improves the welfare of the host communities. Also, contribute favorably to the preservation of cultural and natural heritages.

The social Entrepreneur that owns Samlha Tours drives and catalysis the company with his desire and perseverance. Ngawang Tobgay take pleasure in every visitor’s complete happiness. To them, tourism is all about combining environmental protection, local economics, and ecofriendly vacation that leaves no trace.


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