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Gangtey Monastery

The Pema Lingpa tradition of the Nyingma school of Buddhism is primarily housed in the Gangtey Goenpa monastery, also known as Gangteng Monastery. Before beginning the Gangtey Nature Trail, visitors frequently stop at the 17th-century temple because of its beautiful vistas. It is reported that Black-neck Cranes make a full round around the monastery each winter before settling down in the valley and before their summertime flight back to Tibet. Every year on November 11, Gangtey Monastery hosts the Black Neck Cranes Festival.

Five temples encircle the central tower of the four-story Gangtey Monastery complex. Tshokhang, or the main hall, of the monastery, is constructed in the Tibetan architectural style. The monastery’s upper floor is made of hardwood wood with colors made from natural minerals. The eight wooden pillars that made up the hall are thought to be the largest in Bhutan.

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