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Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek

Destinations: Dagala

Max Altitude: 2500 – 4520 mts

Best Season: March to May and September to November

Meal: Full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner)

Accommodation: Government approved 3 stars hotels and above

Transportation: 4 wheel drive – suvs, tour vans & mini buses

Tour Overview

Located in the Thimphu district, this trek is well-known as the Thousand Lake Trek. Genekha is the starting point, and Chamgang is the destination. The about 50 km walk includes 4 passes, one of which is high (4500 meters or higher), and a few lovely campsites, making it a very ideal introduction to high altitude alpine hiking.

Tour Highlights

You enter a region that is dotted with numerous pure, crystal-clear lakes on this four-day walk. You’ll be treated to breathtaking views of the entire Himalayan Mountain range as well as some of the highest peaks in the world, including as Mt. Everest, Jomolhari, Masang Gang, Jichu Drake, Gangche Ta, and many others, while you stroll through the glistening lakes.
A whole day will be set enough for visiting some of the more gorgeous lakes, fishing, and resting during the walk. As you make your way back from the lakes, the trail also passes past a number of Bhutanese villages, giving you a fair understanding of what it’s like to live in a typical Bhutanese village. Although this is a relatively difficult hike, it is definitely worth the effort because of the peace and stunning natural scenery you will experience along the way. The optimum months to start this walk are April through June or September through October.

Detailed Itineraray

Day 1: Genekha – Labatama
18 kilometres approximately.
Time: 7-9 hours roughly.
Start altitude: roughly 2800 metres.
Elevation of the campsite: roughly 4250 metres.
Pagalabtsa, almost 4200 metres away.
The hike begins with a brief descent to the river at the picturesque village of Gynekha. After crossing the river, you begin to climb until you arrive at a big rock platform from which you can see a beautiful valley below. You arrive to Gur, a region of yak pastures close to the main trail, after another two hours.

Day 2: Hike around the lakes
Today’s route will be a circle that goes around the lakes. Ten different-sized mountain lakes will be visible.

Day 3: Labatama – Pangkha
9 kilometers approximately.
Time: 4-6 hours approx.
Elevation of camp: 4,000 meters.
High pass: about Labajong, at a height of 4500 meters.
The trail ascends the western face of Dala Tsho until it reaches a saddle at 4,520 metres. From this point on, the magnificent Himalayan peaks will be visible to you throughout the entire descent. Mt. Everest (Nepal), Mt. Kanchenjunga (Sikkim), Mt. Jomolhari, Mt. Jichu Drake, Mt. Tshering Gang, Mt. Khangbum, Mt. Masang Gang, Mt. Tsende Gang, and Mt. Gangche Ta are among the peaks that may be seen. A peak nearby the saddle with an elevation of 4,720m can be scaled for a better perspective. The path descends from the saddle and passes a few yak herder houses before arriving to Doccha Chhu. After following the river for a bit, you ascend and descend the slope while staying higher up to reach Panka.

Day 4: Pangkha – Thimphu
Pangkha to Chamgang, Thimphu, is the route.
17 kilometres approximately.
7 to 8 hours.
Talela is around 4200 meters away.
Several passes must be crossed today, although none of them necessitate a significant ascent. While in this region, keep an eye out for several kinds of blue poppies (June to July) and mountain birds. You begin a lengthy descent to Talakha Gompa after passing across the final pass, Tale La (4,180m). You will set up camp right next to the monastery and awaken to the monks’ early morning prayers. You will have a stunning view of Thimphu, the capital of Bhutan, from here.

Cost Details

While trekking in Bhutan, a minimal level must be upheld, according to the government of Bhutan. Whether you are a lone trekker or part of a larger group, you will have your own trekking staff, which includes a professional trekking guide, cook, camping helper, and a few horsemen and horses to carry your stuff. All food must be brought into camp and prepared there. As a result, trekking in Bhutan can be a little pricey for individuals and small groups of travelers


USD 250 Per Person Per Day for 1 Person
USD 200 Per Person Per Day for 2 Pax
USD 180 Per Person Per Day for 3 Pax
4 or More: USD 160 Each Day Per Person

1.Mountaineering tents for four seasons.
2.throughout the trek, freshly prepared meals with tea and snacks.
3.everything needed for a walk, including a dining tent equipped with chairs and tables and a bathroom tent.
4.the blankets and sleeping bag
5.Completely seasoned support group.
6.charge for portage.
7.Throughout the walk, drinking water was filtered or heated.
8.Morning and nighttime hot water for washing.
9.Bags of hot water for the night.
10.individual foam mattresses with footprints.
11.Community first aid equipment (We usually have several oxygen cylinders on hand in case of emergencies).

Not Included
1.Insurance for personal snacks, beverages, and equipment. for the crew.

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