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Covid 19 Protocols

Bhutan has been fortunate not to be greatly affected by the pandemic. As of now, Bhutan has recorded 21 deaths from COVID-19, all of which occurred in people with pre-existing health conditions. In addition, 90% of the eligible population has received COVID-19 vaccines and people have also received their second booster dose.
After two and half years of closure due to the pandemic, Bhutan will reopen its borders for tourism from 23rd September 2022.

COVID-19 Protocols
With effect from September 23, 2022, the government establishes the following regulations for all incoming travelers:

  1. There won’t be COVID-19 testing and quarantine requirements for inbound travelers.
  2. There are currently no COVID-19 vaccine requirements for adults or children to enter Bhutan, despite the fact that the government advises against COVID-19 vaccination for all tourists to help curb the disease’s spread.
  3. To maintain COVID-19 surveillance for novel variations, all individuals (12 years of age and older) entering Bhutan may be submitted to arbitrary RT-PCR testing at the formal points of entry.
  4. There is no quarantine period and visitors without vaccinations are welcome to enter Bhutan.
  5. No COVID-19 norms will be followed when leaving Bhutan unless the destination country so mandates.
  6. For emergency medical evacuation, hospital costs from illness, permanent disability, accidental death, etc., travelers to Bhutan will need travel insurance.