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Jakar Dzong

According to an oral tradition, a white bird once flew away and sat on the spot where the Dzong now stands. A group of lamas and elders believed this to be a sign of good fortune, so they moved to the new location at the eastern end of the Bumthang Valley.

Annually, the enormous Jakar Dzong holds the Jakar Festival or Jakar Tsechu. The entire Jakar or Bumthang area will be closed for three days during the festival to observe the lively celebration. Each year, the festival gathers a significant number of people from the valley or even from neighboring regions coming to the event to get blessings for peace, long life, and prosperity. The Jakar Dzong’s picturesque surroundings, which provide a view of the lush Chamber Valley, can also be enjoyed. In conclusion, the Jakar Festival is a magnificent event that you must have at least once in your life.

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