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Wearing Bhutanese attire

Bhutanese traditional clothing is distinctively unusual in that it not only is vibrant and eye-catching but also has significant cultural significance. Bhutanese clothing is more than just a few pieces of fabric put together. They are an expression of Bhutan’s distinct identity and culture.

In Bhutan, the men dress in knee-length robes that are wrapped around them and fastened with belts. It creates a pouch that foreigners refer to as “the largest pocket in the world.” When they go to work every day and for formal events and gatherings, men wear it.

The exquisite Kira, or ankle-length dress, is worn by ladies in Bhutan. At the shoulders, they are securely attached with either straightforward pins or intricate silver brooches called Koma. One method to wear it is like this. The second style, which we call half Kira, is to wear it below the waist like a skirt.

They were traditionally handcrafted with beautiful raw silk designs and patterns. These days, cotton and other fibers can be used to create them using a machine. Women use brightly colored, intricately made kiras for special events, but light-weight, plain-pattern kiras on regular days. Women in Bhutan now coordinate their Kiras with shirts, accessories, and even shoes to stay in style.

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