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Gangtey Valley, also known as Phobjikha Valley, is a sizable U-shaped glacier valley and one of the most stunning tourist destinations in Bhutan. Bhutan’s Gangtey, best renowned for its marshlands, boasts of scenic beauty and cultural diversity, allowing visitors to experience the finest of the tourist destination.

Not just for nature and cultural enthusiasts but Gangtey has even a lot to offer to the wildlife lovers. In addition to the black-necked cranes that migrate annually during the winter from the Tibetan Plateau, the valley is home to about 13 other globally vulnerable species. Every traveler is drawn to the valley by its serene aura, which enables them to spend a relaxing vacation away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


Gangtey Monastery

The Pema Lingpa tradition of the Nyingma school of Buddhism is primarily housed in the Gangtey…


Gangtey Nature Trail Hike

The glacier valley of Gangtey Valley in enchanted Bhutan sometimes called the Phobjikha Valley…


Black-Necked Crane Information Center

The Black-Necked Crane Information Center is operated by the Royal Society for the Protection…

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